Simple Digg like pagination solution with JQuery for Umbraco XSLTs



I wanted to implement Digg like pagination in one of my recent project with Umbraco XSLT lists and I have done it using the pretty JQuery plugin available here

Please note that its not an SEO friendly solution since the pagination is completely relied on JQuery and will not be available if the JavaScript is turned off.. as an alternative for search engines/no-javascript browsers I have added a simple Next Previous navigation inside a <noscript> tag..


  1. Download and include the jquery.pagination.js and pagination.css in your template
  2. Open jquery.pagination.js and comment line 123 ( //$(‘a’, fragment).click(eventHandler); ) .. Alternatively you can download the altered JQuery plugin from here.
  3. Follow the code sample below or download the XSLT sample- comments are added in each line. If you have any doubts let me know through the comments


The Honest to Goodness Truth on Hungry Shark World

If you’ve developed addicted to Hungry Shark Evolution, then it is high time you move on to its successor for a better, more famished, and madder shark madness! Hungry Shark World is the official game launched by Ubisoft that is said to be the successor of the original Hungry Shark Evolution launched years ago. As the successor of the highly successful match, you are able to enjoy impressive graphics, bigger open world places, and more practical cast of sharks.

With the era comes new features. One of the amazing features you could love with the Hungry Shark World is which you can research several oceans of the planet. There’ll be three different places in this match where you are able to play with the sharks Pacific Island, Arctic Ocean, and the Arabian Sea.

Another attribute is the Mega Gold Rush. This is similar to the Gold Rush which you have always enjoyed in Hungry Shark Evolution. If you desire to enter the Mega Gold Rush session, then you must eat as much as you can while you’re playing in the ordinary gold rush. In comparison with the ordinary gold rush, the Mega Gold Rush provides better multipliers for the player and permits you to eat any shark regardless of the size. It lasts more also.

You will be astonished with the shark variety offered in the game also. But that isn’t true in any respect. The developers have analyzed their craft and dedicated to creating sharks that exist in actuality. These sharks have seven different abilities, measurements, and strengths.

This match isn’t just a simple feeding frenzy. You will be getting assignments when you perform the match. It really is up to you whether or not you’ll accept the assignment offered to you personally. Through these assignments, you’ll have the ability to examine your preparation abilities as well as hone your seizing skills.

It’s possible for you to play dressup with your shark. That does not mean you can select clothing for your shark to wear. What this means is which you can customize the fin and even add tail add-ons for your shark. These are nicely-thought out add-ons that will make your shark trendier than your buddy’s shark.

This addictive fast paced game will definitely give you a brand new adventure which is worth your time. Better console graphics, legendary enemies, multiple degrees what more can you require? Hungry Shark World, just like its predecessor, will absolutely be How to hack Hungry Shark World a big hit to all consumers after the launch!

The New big Game: Contest of Champions

The Marvel Contest of Champions is one game you want to play. It is very entertaining and addictive. In order for one to take pleasure in the game you’ll need a couple of tricks up your sleeve. The following are the schemes you need to use to win the game:


Make great usage of the type bonus

It’s important to build your group with class advantage as the phases become harder. The class bonus assists in providing one more damage to the advantage side and reducing the disadvantage aspect by lowering the damage.

Prevent button mashing to passing

That is not an intelligent move as a form of strategy becomes necessary. Use your dodging and blocking as an alternative. Bear in mind that it’s wise to preserve your power as the victor in your team can-not recover between fights. For dominating fights we would use contest of champions cheats because they are so effective for this purpose.

Be well versed with the crystal currency system

Premium Hero Crystal- the crystals are bought by units. This affirms you of A2 star hero or maybe a possibility of getting a more powerful one.

Below is a run-down of the offerings:

Daily crystal- the day-to-day claim provides you an advantage of getting at least a 1 star and extreme a 3 star hero.

Arena Occasion Rating Wages- at times there are offerings for rewarding top players. They are given strong heroes. The pre-requisites needed count on the event therefore it is necessary to ensure a increase of your heroes for his or her qualifications for special rewards.

Arena lead crystal- a win in the arena fights grants you arena processors. These processors are employed in the purchase of a real arena crystal.

Beef up your team by re playing quests which were previously completed whenever they’re weak

That is necessary just in case your champs are excessively feeble for demanding quests. It is best to take yet another quest which is branched off of other missions after your group is up to par. This really is because you can find bonuses given.

Don’t sell your heroes

You may think of marketing your low rated heroes. It is a poor choice because there are particular events that need one to utilize the low ranked heroes. You may also rotate through them every day-to improve your amount of the arena crystals.

Use as many heroes as easy for stay player versus player matches

This is advisable to make use of as many players as possible during the stay matches as you require extra moves for your own competitor. Use 2-star rated heroes and above for your possibility of winning.

Tips when choosing best spotting scope

The best spotting scope manufacturers usually make furniture pieces that can withstand the different weather elements. Understanding the durability features of outdoor furniture enables a consumer to know exactly what to check in the furniture.

It is important to purchase outdoor furniture that are waterproof. A spotting scope can either be made of plastic, metal or wood. Wood easily rots and weaken due to moisture. A consumer who buys outdoor furniture made of wood should look for wood that is treated or special variety of wood that can withstand the harsh outdoor elements. Wood like teak is impermeable and treated wood is able to repel water.

Metals will corrode after holding water on the surface. However, galvanized metal is rust-proof, and metal such as aluminum is resistant to corrosion. Plastic outdoor furniture is the most durable and it does not degrade due to outdoor moisture, however, the sun’s UV rays can change its color. This makes it the best option when buying from the market. Therefore, when not using plastic furniture, you should leave them in the shade.

Teak and iron are the ideal choice for outdoor furniture for their high durability. However, with proper maintenance, all material can last many years.When buying outdoor furniture, pay close attention to how they are constructed. The screw used on the furniture should be brass or stainless steel that can resist rust. The material used to make outdoor furniture determines its durability. The different materials you should choose from include; plastic, or rattan, or teak, mahogany, or pine, or iron and aluminum. You will save money when you buy the best quality.

Durably made outdoor furniture should have pegs and wooden dowels to hold all the pieces together. You must make sure that you have these deals that you would need whenever you are seeking the best deals in the market. Avoid buying best spotting scope held together using staples or glue, as they will come out with time.

Pillows and cushions are prone to discoloration due to exposure to sunlight and mildew from moisture. Synthetic fiber such as acrylic can withstand mildew. Ventilated fabrics allows the pillows and cushions to dry faster preventing water damage. In addition, you must look for treated fabrics to block the sun’s UV rays. The above tips will ensure that you purchase best spotting scope when looking for the best deals in the market. You will have the best options that you would need when making your choice well.

The Gaming Experience Beyond All

The Nintendo 3ds emulator is the most efficient gaming console emulation software for desktops and Mac. It is one of the most user-friendly software that helps in playing nintendo 3ds games in PC as well as Mac. At present, it is superb in playing a substantial amount of 3ds game titles along with demos as well as homebrew roms. This amazing program implements a creative software technology for emulating and translating the 3D effect screen to a completely playable 2D form. However, even though the nintendo 3ds emulator can trigger the exact 3DS effect, yet it is not compatible with many of the game titles.

Requirements to use the Nintendo 3DS Emulator

It is like a child’s play to get started with the nintendo 3ds emulator.The downloaded package file doesn’t necessarily need any installation. You simply need to run the program and select the game rom of your choice and its done!


Here are some the basic requirements of the nintendo 3ds emulator:

  1. Dual ARM processors with additional processing capacities.
  2. Reverse compatibility with nintendo DS /DS Lite as well as DSi / DSiXL games.
  3. Open source custom firmware which is compatible with 3DS rom downloads through 3G as well as wifi networks.
  4. In-built dual cameras as well as motion sensors or acceometer as present in iPhones.
  5. Sophisticated nVidia Tegra video card for handy gadgets.


1. High definition translation and 3D graphic features having built-in BIOS.

2. Full compatibility with Pokemon X and Y.

3. Compatible with all the major platforms like android, iOS, Mac as well as PC.

4. Provides lifetime updates for better experience.

The nintendo 3ds emulator is such a software which every gaming pro should include in their gaming collection and is absolutely free as well. With the help of this awesome emulator you can easily play every new 3ds game that comes to the market and that too from your personal computers.

When you launch the nintendo emulator for the first time, you will get the opportunity to set the resolution as per your suitability. The original size is usually 800/240 and the lower screen resolution is 320×240 pixels. You can change it according to your choice but it will pixelate the screen a bit.

However, in order to use the nintendo 3ds emulator, you are required to own a genuine BIOS of nintendo 3ds otherwise you won’t be able to run the software.Once all the settings have been done, you are ready to play 3DS as well as DS ROMS by the help of this amazing nintendo 3ds emulator.If you are a gaming enthusiast, then the nintendo 3ds emulator is one of the best software you will ever come across. It will take you to a completely different world of gaming where you will get the privilege of playing high definition games with superb 3D effects. You can feel the games from your heart and imagine the situation of your favorite characters of the game more vividly due to the outstanding 3d effects. It will be an exciting experience not only for children but also for youngsters as well as adult players.So get going and check out this exclusive and fascinating software and feel the difference between playing PC games in normal mode and playing those in high definition with advanced 3D effects!

The New Fantastic Game

Attention.. to all Discovery, and national Geographic viewers, and the gamer. It needs exemplary courage to win the obstacle posed by nature, just to survive. History is the witness that humans have been crossing mountains, swimming across seas, sometimes with whole armies, with sheer ingenuity and will power. Stories of a man stranded on the island, or in the middle of the forest have always been seducing mans imagination. With the advent of technology, mans curiosity over this genre led to popular TV series like “Man vs wild” and “Man women and wild”. Video-game which interactive involves people into thrill and horror. Stranded deep is another logical step, on this genre. It is about a situation where the player, a plane crash survive is stranded on a tropical island. The player have to endure all the natural odds and simply survive. To become the part of human civilization again the player has to use his ingenuity to use simple natural island to sail back to human civilization.Stranded deep free is a survival game. The soul objective of the game is to survive. This game falls in the genre of survival horror. Unlike other games in the same genre this game is completely realistic. Being realistic binds the story line of the game to the natural phenomena and rules out fire spitting dragons, and zombies. To be honest to the theme Stranded deep has ruled out anything which is extra natural, be it mutant. This game has good future, looking at the current stage of computer technology, and the growth of cloud computing. This game is bound to give surprises and thrill to the players.

Talking about computer games in general. Computer games are the final frontier of man and machine interaction. Every generation of computer games have awed people. Computer games have gained huge popularity within a time span of a decade. In far eastern countries of China and Korea, computer games have become a national obsession. Online games have produced its own millionaires, superstars, and demigods.
Latest Computer technology involves, Artificial Intelligence where a computer takesa decision based on the outcome of a program. This technology has given computer desecration to take decisions based on outcomes of the program. With the help of this technology, its not only player, but the machine and the game learns to improve itself. These technology might not have been totally incorporated in this particular launch version. But they indeed are on the charts. Gaming industry like music and movies have high production and distribution costs and depends on blockbuster. Gaming industry is more interactive, Every time you are playing a game, you actually are participating in the game. Growth of Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning, has given good future to this game. All the thrill seekers can become a part of this. If discovery channel is one of your favorite channels, this game is a must for you fellas. Bear Grills had training in British military, and had whole inventory of BBC behind him, in his series “Man Vs Wild”. You fellas can have the same thrill, within the safety of your rooms with Stranded Deep. ”

stranded deep

The Best Coding Platforms

They are simply tons of different coding platforms out there nowadays, and you gotta have your favorite ones. I personally have mine, and have been using over 10 over the past year, which is an extreme amount! I have decided to create a list of the ones that I cannot live out, and hope that you guys will make good use of this information and push it to your coding knowledge.

Java Oracle


This platform is probably the most core one ever. It was used to create some of the most epic computer games like Runescape And Stranded deep download free who are some of the biggest games within the gaming industry. The programming engine itself is very easy to use and I would recommend it any time. One of the best ones out there that you can get in my opinion.


This one is honestly my favorite. You will not go far without the .NET platform. This site is pretty much based on me writing information about this tool. It is developed by Microsoft and is still developing today.


Sometimes Life Just Wants You Down

We all know the feeling. That feeling when we feel like our life is being annoyed by so many annoyances, and it really is tiring to have so many things happen right after eachother. I had created some updates for this blog that I was so ready to publish. However, because of my Dropbox decides to remove and format all its data I am now stuck in this annoyance of a situation. It is really pissing me off how today has been going. I managed to get on first page of 9gag with this  post. However, it got removed because some of the admin of 9gag were corrupt and this is really an annoying process to go through.

When it couldn’t get worse….

Then my computer starts making an annoying sound I quickly turn it off to realize that my ssd has been destroyed because of its age. And now I am browsing some SSD tests to determine which ones I am looking for. Could this day be any worse.